Hi, it's Marcin, the photographer standing behind Inne Studio!

Born in '84. My photographing began 15 years ago with portraits & nudes. Later (in 2008) came wedding photography and family photography. That's when Inne Studio was created. I love working closely with people I portrait to obtain incredibly spontaneous shots. Always squeezing out as much as possible. The atmosphere is in the first place but there's always space for creative lighting, too.

As for wedding photography I do strict photojournalism during the wedding day. But when planning photoshoots I stay open-minded. For inspiration I reach to film stories, advertising and fashion editorials. So they are always carefully crafted and outstanding.

Privately a music-head, a cyclist, a hiker, a dancer, a non-smoker, an optimist.

I speak English fluently. J'ai parle le français bien. Parlo un po' l'italiano (lo sto studiando). I Polski natywnie.

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